Core Members


Prof. Dr. phil. Friedemann Vogel
General and Legal Linguistics, Media Studies, Computional linguistics
University of Siegen
Principal Investigator / General Project Management / Founder of the CAL2-research group / Head of the core projects
Mail: friedemann.vogel[at]
Web: Personal Website



Dr. Dr. Hanjo Hamann
Law, Legal Linguistics, Empirical Legal Studies
Max Planck Institute Bonn
Principal Investigator, project JuReko
Mail: hamann[at]
Web: Personal Website


Isabelle Gauer M.A.
Computational Linguistics
Project JuReko-de (2015-2017)
Project Cal²Lab (2017-2019)
Mail: isabelle.gauer[at]


Yinchun Bai M.A.
European Linguistics / Corpus Linguistics
Project JuReko-en (since 2015)
Mail: yinchun.bai[at]

Project Assistants:

  • Manuel Häußermann
  • Antonia Bahria
  • Magnus Rook

Associated Members


Prof. Dr. iur.  Andreas Abegg, LL.M.
Head of Center for Public Commercial Law
ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur
Partner at AM T Rechtsanwälte, Zürich
Mail: andreas.abegg[at]

  Lucja Biel
Legal translation, EU translation, multilingual law,
corpus-based translation studies
Associate Professor & Director of the Institute of Applied Linguistics,
University of Warsaw
Mail: l.biel[at]
  Ruth Breeze
Language and law, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis
Senior Lecturer in English Philology
Instituto Cultura y Sociedad / Instituto de Idiomas,
Universidad de Navarra
Mail: rbreeze[at]

Dr. phil. Dr. iur. Ralph Christensen
Legal theory and philosophy of law and language
Law teacher for Hemmer.Group, Mannheim/Bonn


Mgr. Elena Gajdošová
Corpus linguistics, corpus-based translations studies, legal translation
Ph.D. Student
Department of German, Dutch and Scandinavian Studies, Faculty of Arts of Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia
Mail: gajdosova137[at]
Web: Information at the Comenius University


Prof. nadzw. dr hab. Stanislaw Gozdz-Roszkowski
Legal Linguistics, Corpus-Assisted Discourse Analysis, Terminology and Phraseology
Associate Professor (D.Litt in English Linguistics)
Institute of English Studies, University of Lodz
Mail: roszkowski[at]


Prof. Dr. Stefan Höfler, M.A., DAS Law
Legal Linguistics, Legislative Drafting, Computational Linguistics
Research Fellow at the Centre for Legislative Studies,
University of Zurich
Mail: stefan.hoefler[at]


Dr. Ricardo-María Jiménez-Yáñez
Legal linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Corpus-Assisted Discourse Analysis
Departments of Law and Humanities
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona).
Teacher on writing skills for lawyers and judges
(Thomson-Reuters-Aranzadi, from 2006).
Mail: rmjimenez[at]


Dr. Gianluca Pontrandolfo
Senior Lecturer
Legal linguistics, legal translation, corpus linguistics, Corpus-Assisted Discourse Analysis
Department of Legal, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies (IUSLIT) - University of Trieste
Mail: gpontrandolfo[at]

  Dr. iur. Stephen C. Mouritsen M.A.
Law and Corpus Linguistics
Member of Parr Brown’s commercial litigation group
Web: Parr Brown
    Prof. Dr. iur. Jan C. Schuhr
Interrelations of Law, Language and Databases
Professor at the University of Heidelberg
Mail: jan.schuhr[at]
Web: Information at the University of Heidelberg

Aleksandar Trklja
Legal linguistics, Corpus linguistics, Cognitive semantics
Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham
Mail: aleksandar.trklja[a]